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Igor's Compumag'99 diary
Sapporo, October 27, 1999

Background:    Keio Hotel bathrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art flushing facilities, with numerous modes of operation.

Bathroom Hi-Tech
(written just before Y2K)

In Keio Hotel
Computers play a role:
A Pentium from Dell
Controls my toilet bowl.

Ten buttons on the spot,
The bowl is plug-and-play;
It works as a teapot,
Jacuzzi or bidet.

It does not take too long
To learn to spray and shoot.
(If something goes wrong,
The toilet will reboot.)

On January 1st
Beware of Y2K,
Prepare for the worst,
Avoid an awkward spray.

No worries, though, no fear:
When all is said and done,
If things are still unclear,
Then press for help F1.