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Why such a strange spelling of your last name?

Good question. Actually, the spelling is quite normal. Some genuine English words have the 'TS', for example, MiTSubishi or TSunami. But many telemarketers who call me hang up before I do: my last name drives them nuTS.
"In the aftermath of this flood of lachrymose leave-taking, this tsunami of tsoris, observers of cultural phenomena are obliged to judge the art of quitting."  (WILLIAM SAFIRE, Resigned to Quit, The NY Times, December 23, 2002).

Well, you are a professor, but what do you do for a living?
Good question. I recently opened an Inverse IRA and am tapping into it. An Inverse IRA works just like a regular IRA but the other way around: first you get to withdraw money from it, and you contribute to it when you retire.

Wait a minute, this Inverse IRA sounds interesting. Are you sure it's recognized by the IRS?
Good question. I'm not really sure, but the IRS isn't either. Since the tax code grows faster than anyone can read it, I figure I'm safe.

Why did you choose the University of Akron?
Location, location, location.

Why study Electrical Engineering?
Good question. There are many benefits. For example, you'll learn that a light bulb isn't the opposite to a heavy bulb. Many other useful practical things as well.

Why is electromagnetics so boring?
Good question. It really isn't. The truth is that it only seems boring, for the first 20-30 years, and then you get used to it.

The Most Frequently Asked Question: how are you doing?
Good question. Not particularly too bad.

Is there life after death?
But after death, you don't eat or drink, and you don't get to study electromagnetics (not to mention other things).  You call that 'life'?

What is Faraday's Law?
Good question. The answer is in this skit. (Never Give Up!).

How do I make money?
Good question. The answer is in this skit (New Ventures).

How do I get a job at the ECE Department?
Good question. The answer is in this skit  (Doctor Oooooooh).

What exactly is hi-tech?
Good question. The answer is here.


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Never Give Up!

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My Compumag conference diary (Sapporo, 1999, just before Y2K).

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